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Sokolec luolasto Sovina





The complex is located inside Sobo? Mountain (German: Ramenberg) 50°41?7?N 16°23?58?E and is accessible by tunnels number 1 (216 m) and 2 (170 m). Tunnel number 3 is not connected to the main underground. It is collapsed in its initial part on the length of 83 m. In 2013 it was explored when a shaft was dug from above, revealing 86 m of tunnel with mining equipment from 1945. The total length of the complex is 700 m (1,900 m2, 4,000 m3). Less than one per cent is reinforced by concrete. 
Above ground are foundations of machinery and a pumping station, a reservoir of water, depots of building materials, numerous unfinished or destroyed buildings, a bunker, and earthworks carried out on a massive scale. A narrow gauge railway network connected the tunnels with the railway station in the village of G?uszyca Górna (German: Oberwüstegiersdorf). In October–December 1944, AL Lärche was established for prisoners of concentration camps, mostly Jews from Poland and Greece. 
They lived in twelve barracks made of plywood in the vicinity of the tunnel number 3 50°41?12?N 16°24?17?E. Evacuation of the camp took place in February 1945.

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