Jugowice luolasto Walimia


Jugowice luolasto Walimia





The complex is located in the village of Jugowice (Jawornik) (German: Hausdorf (Jauering)), inside Dzia? Jawornicki Mountain (German: Mittelberg) 50°42?35?N 16°25?12?E. Tunnels number 2 (109 m) and 4 lead to a small underground level. There is a shaft with a diameter of 0.5 m – 0.6 m (16 m) in the vicinity of the complex but not connected to it. Tunnel number 6 is collapsed 37 m from the entrance and has not been explored yet. It was closed by two steel doors 7 m apart.

The rest of the tunnels are in the initial stage of construction: 1. (10 m), 3. (15 m), 5. (3 m), 7. (24.5 m). The total length of the structure is 460 m (1,360 m2, 4,200 m3). Less than one per cent is reinforced by concrete. 

Above ground are foundations of buildings, machinery, a pumping station, and a reservoir of water. A narrow gauge railway connected the tunnels with the railway siding in the village of Olszyniec (German: Erlenbusch) where AL Erlenbusch was established in May 1944 50°43?32?N 16°22?57?E. Between 500 and 700 concentration camp prisoners lived in five barracks. They were Jews, citizens of Hungary and Poland. The camp was liberated in May 1945.

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