Jedlinka palatsi Jedlina-Zdroj


Jedlinka palatsi Jedlina-Zdroj





The palace is located in the village of Jedlinka (German: Tannhausen) . In 1943, it was purchased by the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (National Socialist People's Welfare) from the Böhm family as a result of their financial problems. At the beginning of 1944 the plans to transform it into a hospital were disrupted because the building was confiscated by military authorities and adapted as headquarters for the Schlesische Industriegemeinschaft AG (Silesian Industrial Company). An air-raid shelter was created in the cellar with armoured, gasproof doors. The palace and the nearby town of Jedlina-Zdrój (German: Bad Charlottenbrunn) was established as general base of operations for Project Riese. 

The corporation was responsible for construction work and supervising all companies and local businesses taking part in the project on behalf of the Main Building Commission of the Ministry of Arms, including: Ackermann, Deutsche Hoch und Tiefbaugesellschaft, Dybno, Eule, Fix, Friedrich Krupp AG, Geppardt, Hegerfeld, Hotze, Hutto, Jank, Kemna und Co., Krause, Lenz, Lingen, Messinger, Otto Trebitz, Otto Weil, Philipp Holzmann AG, Pischel, Putzer und Holzmann, Sager und Wörner, Sänger und Laninger, Schallhorn, Seidenspinner, Singer und Müller, Steinhage, Tebe und Bucer, Urban, Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke (VDM), Wayss und Freytag, Websky, Weiden und Petersil. 

In April 1944, the Schlesische Industriegemeinschaft AG was deemed too inefficient and replaced by the Organisation Todt (OT) under supervision of the chief engineer Franz Xaver Dorsch, senior construction manager Leo Müller, architect Siegfried Schmelcher, and architect Konrad Meyer. The Oberbauleitung Riese (OBL Riese) was established. It was the OT basic construction sector and administrative HQ. The palace was occupied by the OT until May 1945. Presently it is open to the public.

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